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What’s new on the site? Well obviously there is a new fresh look that embodies the fresh approach we have to help you plan your wedding, but there are some other great features as well.

We have always had a Vendor Directory to help you find the best wedding professionals in Nashville but now the listings contain new ways for you to connect with those vendors you love. You can find their website, Facebook, Twitter, and blog links right on their listing!

Check out the nifty new Event and Workshops page where you can find out what’s going on at the studio and around town at a glance. You can also import our events into your iCal calendar. Just click the iCal import, save the file, and import the file into your iCal account.

Take a look around then let us know what you think! We love the new site and hope you love it as well!



So sorry ladies and gents! We were hoping to have our new site up last week and didn’t want to make too many changes to the blog until we were moved over. The good news is that it looks like we will be up and running in the next few days so be on the lookout for a brand new site that has all of our vendor information and blog posts all in one pretty spot on the web!

Whew! It has been quite a busy week here in the studio. We have been decorating the studio for the holidays and meeting all kinds of kind people visiting for Tis The Season! With all this hustle and bustle I didn’t get a chance to post a Friday DIY for you beautiful brides. So here it is, on Saturday, A Pretty Twist on the Drink Umbrella!

The directions recomend using the doilies from Papermash but why not think outside the box and us any plain white doilie and then use one of your wedding colors on the card stock used underneath. That pop of color could be so pretty. Don’t forget you can spritz white doilies with diluted food coloring or tea to help them coordinate with your colors.

The always lovely Kerri of Kerried Away Couture sent us these photos of a beautiful wedding she did for one of our Wedding 101 brides, Victoria Foshee. The wedding took place in Mississippi and had a gorgeous vintage 1920’s vibe.

Kerried Away Couture, Vintage Wedding, 1020 Wedding, Wedding 101, Nashville Bride, SilverKerried Away Couture, Vintage Wedding, 1020 Wedding, Wedding 101, Nashville Bride, Silver

The dresses are gorgeous and are so on trend with that one shoulder style. I love that the fabric isn’t your standard bridesmaid satin or chiffon. The ruffel detail gives the dress a little touch of glamor. This style of dress could easily be cut off and hemmed after the wedding and be worn to other beautiful events as well! I have to take a moment and just say that the bouquet is just fabulous!

Give Kerried Away Couture a call for beautiful custom bridesmaid gowns like these!

Contact: Kerri Zelenik
Phone: 615.364.9003
Email: orders@kerriedawaycouture.com
Website: Kerried Away Couture

Photos by Followell Fotography.

This Saturday, November 20th, is going to be one of the biggest days we have ever had here at Wedding 101. We have four amazing vendors that will be here for you to meet, mingle, and talk shop about your wedding day! Let’s take a look at who you will see on Saturday:

Kristen Steele Photography, Teal, Blue, Aqua, Wedding

First up we have Kristen Steele Photography. Kristen is a boutique photographer based out of Nashville, TN. Her style is fresh, spunky, intimate and she loves getting to know her clients. Kristen says, “I love to capture life as it happens: those funny moments where the groom shoves cake in the bride’s face, a child makes a funny face or just fun family laughter.”

Katie Russo, Makeup Artist, Nashville, WeddingNext up we have makeup artist Katie Russo. Katie was trained by the best at Joe Blasco, one of the top makeup schools in the country. Katie believes that makeup and fashion are a very personal expression and she feels privileged that her clients allow her to be a part of their big day. Katie says, “I embrace the philosophy that real confidence and beauty come from within and my job is just to make you look absolutely amazing… but a killer pair of heel never hurts.”

Picture This Nashville, Photobooth, WeddingPicture This Nashville, Photobooth, WeddingCome meet the newest photobooth in Nashville. PictureThis Nashville are party professionals that have teamed up with tech geeks who collectively saw a need for something new and unique. Combining current technologies with professional insight, they have created the modern photobooth!

Cookie Crumb Haven, Wedding, Favors, Nashville's best cookieCookie Crumb Haven is a local business whipping up the tastiest Ice Cream, Cookies, and Brownies in town. If you are looking for a twist on the traditional wedding cake or just a little something sweet as a favor, they can help you out. Come taste all of Kristy’s treats!

We hope to see you all here this weekend!

Moving the Right Way

Most of our posts here are geared toward your big day. I just completed a big move this weekend and thought I would share some moving tips I have learned along the way. Maybe you will be moving into a house together, perhaps you already live  together but will be looking for a bigger place, or it is possible that you won’t need these now but at some point I am sure they will come in handy.

There is always the option of getting some friends to help move the whole house! This image made me laugh. If it was only this easy. Here are my top tips providing that you and your friends aren’t carrying your house to a new site:

Box it up

Get some boxes and start packing it up. Big boxes may be tempting because you can put a lot of stuff in them. The problem is that they are very easy to fill up and before you know it they are so heavy you won’t be able to lift them. 1 ft x 2 ft boxes are a perfect size.  It’s hard to fill a smaller box so much that it is to heavy to lift. Look for boxes with handle cut outs. The cut outs make them a breeze to carry. Use a permanent marker to write what room the box should be put in once you arrive. You can also make vague notes of what is in the box or even number them to make sure they all arrive at your new abode.

Purge Baby Purge

Packing is a perfect time to go through all your belongings and decide what you no longer need or use. Set up three piles:

Sell- Use this for items you no longer need or want but think are worth money. You can sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, to a consignment shop, or if you have a lot of stuff try a garage sale.

Donate- Use this for items that you don’t feel are worth selling but are still in good condition or if you just don’t want the trouble of trying to sell them. You can also donate anything that you don’t sell just before the move. If someone may have a use for it, donate it.

Trash/Recycle- Use this for items that are in bad shape and you have no use for. If you have items that are recyclable, separate them out and take them to your local convenience center.

The less you pack up, the less you will have to unpack or even worse, store.

Tape, Tape, Tape

Tape up the boxes, tops and bottoms and use more than you think you will need. Especially use more tape on boxes that contain glass. Nothing is worse than having a box that contains your new china collapse and everything inside shattering on the sidewalk.

Load the Truck

If you are fortunate enough to be able to have a moving company load up your boxes and transport it then this is nothing you have to worry about. If you are going this route look around, get more than one quote, and look for reviews online. These are your belongings and you don’t want them ruined in the move. You want a mover who cares about your belongings just as much as you do.

If you are going to move yourself, think about renting a truck. They come in several different sizes. Penske recommends that you give yourself 150 cubic feet of truck space per room that you are moving or you can use their neat Truck Loading Wizard here.

There are three steps to loading a truck efficiently. This will ensure that all of your belongings are kept save during the move and you use all of the truck space to your advantage.

Step 1- Pack large items first. Load your appliances and furniture, except for the mattress and box spring, first. Use blankets to keep pieces from rubbing so they don’t scratch. This will also help with fatigue because all the heavy lifting is done before you are physically worn out.

Step 2- Put in your boxes. Making sure most everything is put in a box makes loading the truck much easier. It’s like a big puzzle. Start by filling in around your furniture. Make sure to have a few folded boxes on hand. You can use these to fill in small places. The idea is to have a nice wall of boxes that are sturdy and have very little movement.

Step 3- Finish it up by putting your box spring and then your mattress at the back of the truck. They will create a protective layer between the boxes and the truck door. Strap them tight against the boxes. This will make sure that there will be no boxes tumbling around during the drive.

Store that Stuff:

Think about renting a storage unit if you are moving to a short term residence and can’t part with everything. Make sure to get the right size and if you know how many cubic feet of boxes you have, you won’t rent more space then you need.

Move it In:

Direct the movers to the right rooms or begin unloading the truck. Unpacking is much easier than packing so get it all un-boxed and enjoy your new home!

We were not paid to promote any products or services in this post. This post is purely for your information and education.

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