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Emma Hickey

You met Jayna a couple of days ago. Now we would like to introduce you to Emma! 

Hey! My name is Emma Hickey and I am an intern at Wedding 101 this fall. I’m a senior at MTSU and will be graduating in May with a degree with Organizational Communication. I am also a bride and will be tying the knot July 2, 2011!

Enjoy the second of many fun inspiration boards to be posted by our lovely and hardworking interns! So happy to have them both at Wedding 101!

This one is a real hot pink wow! 


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Donette is here to share some great insights to what colors we can expect to be hot in the spring!

It’s that time of year again ladies and gents! Pantone has released the Spring 2011 Color Report. Okay I know some of you are wondering, “Who is this Pantone you speak of?” Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color. For more than 45 years, Pantone has been inspiring design professionals with products, services and leading technology for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Wanna know more about Pantone? Click here. Now onto the good stuff!Pantone Spring 2011 Colors, Nashville wedding invitations, Custom wedding invitations, Designs in Paper, Wedding 101I am loving that Honeysuckle with Silver Cloud, Peapod with Beeswax, Russet with Coral Rose, and Silver Peony with Silver Cloud. So if you haven’t picked out your colors for your 2011 wedding then here are a few to inspire you. These are the colors that we will all be seeing in stores this spring! Want some beautiful custom invitations to go with your wedding? Give us a call 615.403.7268! We can’t wait to start designing with these colors!

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If you saw our post last week you know that Ryan will be putting on a 13 week Financial Peace University course. Today we have a guest post from Ryan all about the course.

Did you know that the number one cause of divorce in America is money fights and money problems? More and more young couples begin their marriages with loads of debt and have no clue of how much it will affect their life. In most cases, it is student loan debt, maybe a car payment….oh, and the credit card or two that you signed up for when you were in college just to get a free t-shirt.

Don’t be a statistic. Start your marriage off on the right foot. Grab your fiance’ and head over to Wedding 101 in The Factory at Franklin where I will be coordinating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This thirteen week class is taught on DVD by Dave Ramsey himself. Classes will be every Thursday evening at 6:30PM beginning, September 9, 2010.

Because Wedding 101 is hosting this FPU class we are only allowing engaged couples to attend. FPU kits are $99 per couple. Financial Peace University will truly change your outlook on life and money, and promote positive communication between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Space is very limited so don’t wait to sign up!

Contact me or stop by Wedding 101 in The Factory at Franklin to sign up and pay for your FPU kit.

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Kristen of Kristen Steele Photography sent me this beautiful Italian wedding and I just could not wait to share it! I love the rustic feel of Italy and Kristen really captured the essence of the wedding with these photos.

Nashville Wedding Vendor, Photography, Italian Wedding, Destination Wedding, Wedding 101

“Lily & Hanier had always wanted to elope in Italy, and they chose the amazingly beautiful location of Volterra to get married. Volterra is a city on a hill. As Rick Steves says, “It’s encircled by impressive walls and topped with a grand fortress, it sits high above the rich farmland.” It’s that and so much more. There are cobblestone streets, gorgeous churches, amazing doors, window boxes full of fresh flowers, bell towers and everything is just so beautiful.

Lily and Javier contacted Bonnie of My Weddings and More to be her Destination Wedding Planner. Bonnie helped coordinate their Italian wedding by handling all the paperwork (did you know there’s a LOT of paperwork to deal with if you want to get married in Italy??) and coordinating the day of details.

Nashville Wedding Vendor, Photography, Italian Wedding, Destination Wedding, Wedding 101

The joy, the excitement and the sheer happiness between Lily and Hanier was palpable as we walked up to the scenic overlook where they got married. The ceremony was sweet and meaningful and the best part?? When Lucca the officiant said, “Hanier, you may kiss your bride.” The BELLS STARTED RINGING. All of them. There are probably 4 or 5 bell towers that we were overlooking and all of them started ringing at the same time. I seriously got goosebumps!

Nashville Wedding Vendor, Photography, Italian Wedding, Destination Wedding, Wedding 101

I think that part of my job as a destination wedding photographer is to capture the feel of the town I’m in, so along with Lily + Havier’s wedding photos I’ve included some of the scenes around Volterra. I love the shot of them walking up the cobblestone street (that was VERY steep) with the beautiful Tuscan sun streaming in and all the tourists walking by staring. That is the “behind the scenes” shot to the other photo.

Nashville Wedding Vendor, Photography, Italian Wedding, Destination Wedding, Wedding 101

Best Wishes Lily + Hanier and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your very special day!”

Would you like your wedding featured on our blog? If so, just click on the submit button to the right and we will get started!

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Every bride starts somewhere.  For Marci, it was the shoes.

The Shoe that Launched a Wedding Design

 If ever there was a common language all the women in the world could speak, it would be “shoes.” As a former Dillard’s shoe sales associate, I have a healthy passion for heels. My fiance somewhat jokingly tells me I have more worth in my shoe collection than I do in my car—let’s be honest, my car has no A/C and it’s old as dirt. It’s probably true.

 BUT that means I, of all people, should have some fabulous wedding shoes! I wanted my something blue to be a riveting pair of blue, or near-blue, amazing and sexy shoes that would stand out something fierce against my white gown. These are the ones I fell head over heels for and became the starting point for the wedding’s whole color palette:

 They are simply…my favorite shoes ever. I obsessed over them—too them everywhere with me for awhile, stuffed unceremoniously in my purse. It was a heartbreaking day when I finally admitted to myself that there was no way I could walk down an aisle in the grass, dance the night away, and escape to my honeymoon in these without damaging my poor little feet. I’d end up kicking them off after the first dance and ruining my beautiful white gown.

 Pure. Heartbreak.

 And then a light bulb went off: get away shoes!! I found myself a new gorgeous dress to leave the party in and re-assigned these first shoes to be the beauties I’d wear to run away into the night with my new husband. WIN!

 And then the search started again for blue wedding shoes. Search after search turned up navy after navy shoe, and then I saw these pretty little things:


 Bright blue? Check. Cute little silver piece to match my dress. Check. Appropriate height for dancing and walking down an outdoor aisle. Check. Comfortable for dancing? Check! I started breathing easy again. Shoes down. Bring the rest of the planning on!

But when I got to thinking about what I ought to get my bridal party gals, it took me a long, long time to realize it ought to be… dun dun DUNN…shoes! Of course! How did I not see it before? I read about these fun silver numbers from DSW in Wedding 101’s Wed for Less post, and they are perfect.

 It seems like everyone but me knew I’d agonize over one of the most overlooked details of the wedding day for most people. In retrospect, it’s perfect for me that shoes would be that one thing I worked so hard to get right. And I couldn’t be happier with the choices!

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Today we have Ryan Sweeney here to share a few of his favorite captured moments. Before we get to the beautiful images  Lets get to know Ryan a little better.

“I became a photographer, so I could use the skills I already possessed to make beautiful images of people. However, I discovered something I never expected to find: love. A love for real people experiencing the most joyous day of their lives, a love for feeling such an intense level of happiness, and a love for photographing people together in celebration. That’s why I do this today. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite moments.”

My wife really likes this image because of its symmetry.

I love this image because it gets a really great response from people when they see it.  I always get asked,“how did you get her to go into the water????”.  The funny thing is, it was HER idea!

The trifecta: gorgeous dress, beautiful bride, and a really nice setting.

I like the burst of light that outlines them. I love how the guests are concentrated on the newlyweds during their first dance.

I like the contrast of colors, and the uniqueness of this image.

Where are you going to find two chairs in a barn?  I like this because it is different and chic.

The expressions don’t get better than this.  And bubbles help.

Thanks Ryan! These are some really beautiful shots!

Ryan Sweeney Photography
Nashville, TN
Call: 615.390.6913
Email: ryan@ryansweeneyphotography.com

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The Work-Life-Wedding Balance

Well it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog about the wedding planning process, so a LOT (I’m relieved to report) has happened over the last couple of months that I’m excited to write about over the coming weeks. We’ve picked out plates and goblets and cake (yay cake!!) and linens and save the dates and dresses and favors and our honeymoon destination (woohoo!) and on and on and on. Whew!

Going to all of those meetings, doing research, and coordinating all of these details can turn into a full-time job on its own, even when you have a full year to plan like we’ve had. Balancing all that with working sometimes 50+ hours in a week and still finding time to just be a couple can be difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve managed to find a few things to help keep us grounded.

One: Wedding- and work-free weekends! It sounds crazy because the knee-jerk reaction is to cram as much planning and meetings into the weekend as possible so you don’t have to worry about it during the week, but let’s be honest—you’re planning all week, too. It’s important to save some nights and weekends to just be yourselves, whether it’s just the two of you or a weekend with your buds. Go play! You’re allowed. Your family and friends will appreciate the topic relief, and you’ll feel incredibly refreshed when Monday comes back around.

Two: Wedding planning “dates.” Scheduling an hour to do wedding house-keeping here and there outside the house at Starbucks or someplace cozy will keep you on task and, possibly, well-fed. Planning can drag out all night if you plop down on the couch with your guest list. Your sweetie will not be able to finish the task at hand and come out happy on the other side if it takes too long…and neither will you.

Three: Pre-marital counseling. We’re about halfway through our sessions with Marie McKinney-Oates (stay tuned for a whole blog post on how awesome she is!), and I have to say—I wouldn’t trade that time in for the world. These meetings give us the gift of remembering why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place…because we want to be married, not because we want to have a wedding. Every once in awhile, the details can get overwhelming and it’s easy to forget why you’re picking out those plates and goblets and cake (yay cake!).

There are a lot of other ways to stay sane and still have fun while throwing your celebration, but these are my three favorites so far: a little escapism, a dash of dating, and a lot of love!

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