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As we put on our coats and mittens to brace wintry weather, a tropical wedding sounds fabulous!  OR maybe it puts you in the mood for a winter wonderland wedding in Vail or the Swiss Alps!  Either way, destination weddings are definitely popular these days, taking just close family and friends to celebrate the experience with you.  As fun as it sounds, there are also a lot of “to-do’s” to handle.

Destination Wedding Online Guides

At Wedding 101, we have two fabulous guides, Fodor’s Destination Weddings  and The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings, as well as the recently released Martha Stewart Special Travel Issue, Destination Weddings & Dream Honeymoons, to help with the where and the wedding planning.   All of these sources offer great advice, but the best advice we have to offer is getting hooked up with a fantastic travel agency, and we just happen to have one! Franklin Travel Services (Nashville TN) Olivia and Jane have been in the business for YEARS and can help you with all the in’s and out’s of planning a destination wedding or even a fantastic honeymoon.  One of the most popular honeymoon and destination wedding settings is a Sandals Resort, which they are quite equipped with the information for any of Sandals’ locations.

One piece of advice shared by all is to research the marriage requirements for your particular destination.  A travel agent or wedding planner/coordinator can help with these details.  Make sure that you know the legal age, residency requirement, necessary documents, and fee for acquiring a LEGAL marriage license, according to The Knot’s guide.   We would hate for you to go to all the trouble of traveling to get married and not be legit!

DC Destination Wedding Idea

Thinking of marrying and/or having your honeymoon in Washington DC? Since it is an election year, it is certainly a popular destination. Contact us for some ideas and be sure to visit New York City while there. An affordable fun and upscale way to get to the city from the DC area is by using a private bus line called Tripper Bus. They can take your entire wedding party from Washington for a day in NYC in their new clean luxury buses. Be sure to ask about renting out the bus for the day for your wedding party.

Happy Planning and Traveling!


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