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We would like to welcome several new vendors this month to Wedding 101! We are so excited to have partnered with these Nashville wedding experts and hope that you will enjoy meeting with them.

Monica Hayes
Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay

What Monica has to say: “I am a full-time Mary Kay Independent Sales Director and absolutely love what I do. I am passionate about giving you excellent customer service, finding the best combination of skin care products for you and matching colors to help you feel beautiful on your big day. I look forward to working with you!”

Phone: 615.833.3637

Kim Wright
Stella & Dot Star Stylist

What Kim has to say: “I have operated my own belt/embroidery business, Catchy Accessories, for six years, which has been great fun, but when I discovered Stella & Dot I jumped at the chance to represent such a super jewelry line. The company’s pieces are incredibly stylish and not only do I love them, but I knew my friends and family would too! I didn’t need to open my own boutique and worry about leases, inventory, websites, and employees! I was thrilled that I could launch this business RIGHT AWAY and work it right alongside my Catchy Accessories business! No risk at all. The product is so stylish and affordable, it sells itself! Tons of my customers have already seen Stella & Dot jewelry featured in fashion magazines, like Instyle, People, Oprah and more!”

Email: wrightfour@comcast.net

Silver Strings
Professional Musicians
What Silver Strings has to say: “We are professional musicians whose love for our work makes the music sparkle, whether it’s joyous light classics or classic rock and roll. Our enthusiasm and exuberance will keep the energy flowing at your celebration.”

Phone: 615.385.2488
Email: linda@nashvillesilverstrings.com

The Cupcake Collection
Delicious Cupcake Experts
What The Cupcake Collection has to say: “Such simplicity is reflected in every aspect of the business, which is a true family affair. Nestled in the heart of historic Germantown, the thriving storefront is housed in a cozy renovated cottage that also serves as home base to the bustling family. Cupcake Collections cupcakes aren’t just for kids. These sweet treats are for all ages. Each batch is made fresh each day with such decadent ingredients as butter, sugar, and cream. The daily selection typically includes chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot, strawberry, marble and more.
The Cupcake Collection is open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 to 3 p.m. on Sunday”

Phone: 615.244.2900
Email: thecupcakecollection@yahoo.com

Branching Out
Floral and Event Design Experts

What Branching Out has to say: “Branching Out is an event design powerhouse; floral is of course part of that. One of the hardest things for most people is knowing how to pull all the elements together to create “the look”. That’s what we do. Our extensive network of talented professionals can coordinate the floral, the tabletop from linen to china, the lighting, draping and rentals to give any event “the look” you want.”

Phone: 615.915.0043
Email: info@branchingouteventflorist.com


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Well ladies and gents I have been really inspired by some amazing bouquets I have seen around the interweb these last few days so I decided to postpone the Wed for Less post until later this week . You will forgive me once you see these amazing pretties. The best part about all of them… they wont wilt or whither in this suffocating heat!  I think you are really really going to LOVE them! I know I do! Lollypop bouquet This first one comes to us from around the world. This is a designer from Australia and if you follow Opoluent Couturier ( if you don’t, you should) then you  have already seen what lovelies Lollypop Brides has to offer. I love these! I wonder what color the sucker turns your tongue, purple perhaps?

Button and felt bouquetNext up we have these oh so sweet button and felt bouquet and boutonniere. Yellow and gray are right up there in my top wedding color picks these days so when I saw this I just had to sigh.  Add a little bit of that homemade feel to you wedding and then frame this up for some memorable wall art to enjoy everyday.  Via RibbonsNBowsBoutique’s shop on Etsy.

Balsa wood bouquetI saw this on 100 Layer Cake today and just about fell off my chair. Seriously, who knew that balsa wood could be so beautiful! These were designed by JL Designs in Orange County, California. The combination of the creamy balsa wood and those white fluffy feathers just make me so happy.

Brooch bouquet 1Last but certainly not least are these beautiful bouquets made out of vintage brooches. These are by Fantasy Floral Designs in San Juan Capistrano, California. Who knew that the costume jewelry your Grandmother let you play in as a child could be so much more when they are all grouped together. Here is a close up: So ladies, what do you think? Would you consider going unconventional and select one of these beauties for your big day?

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As I was randomly checking my google alerts, I was stopped in my clicking when I spied this site.  Emersonmade‘s handcrafted beauties take my breath away!  What great design with such individuality and a sense of romance.

Just thought I would tease you with their one-of-a-kind products this afternoon that are perfect twists on wedding attire details.  If you need more, visit their website @ www.emersonmade.com

For the bride…

Love the color and texture added with this peachy corsage.

Forgo a sash of color for this precious splash of rosette!

Add a flower in your hair with this sweet thing!

 For the groom and groomsmen…

How about these bouttonnieres?

One of my favorite ideas! This little flair for the groom's tie.

 For the bridesmaids…

A sweet corsage in place of a bouquet.

A fabulous gift for your bridesmaids is a small clutch like this one.

For more… www.emersonmade.com 

Happy Planning,


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Every week I see google alerts regarding a search or a post for brides regarding what to ask for from your wedding photographer.  Well, make sure to add THIS TIP!

Make sure your photographer takes pictures of all the teeny tiny details that made your wedding perfect.  From the invites, the tissue pom pons, the flower girl’s kissing ball, the linens, the boutonierres, and so on.  Whatever you took the time to create by yourself or with a wedding professional CAPTURE it in photo!  

One of our newest photographers, Keoni K,  includes an “inspiration board” for every wedding in the album.  (Of course, the rest of Keoni’s wedding album sitting on one of our glass coffee tables is FABULOUS as well! ) 


It is the details that give the wedding its feel and its style.  I promise that you will want to reminisce about the proposal, the planning, the people, AND the precious details that gave your wedding its sense of style.

As well, sending these pictures to your wedding vendors would be a great way to say thank you for helping make the wedding day perfect. 

Happy Planning,


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As I was drinking my afternoon coffee and flipping through the new Grace Ormonde weddings, I noticed a fantastic use for ribbon that we carry at Wedding 101.  Use the rose-embellished ribbon that comes in several colors as an accent to a wedding bouquet for either you or your bridesmaids or both.  Don’t you LOVE the fresh look of this bouquet! 

Another favorite bouquet twist was the rosary embellished with flowers.  A mother came in the other day to find a way to represent the groom’s mother who had passed away recently.  Being a catholic woman, she loved the idea of having the mother’s rosary draped in flowers and used in the ceremony, either carried by the bride or by the flowergirl or even just placed in a place of honor.   Moreso, I loved the gesture being made by the mother of the bride.

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AND WHY do I want to get caught under the mistletoe.  To kiss, of course!

But. Again. Why?  Just as the sixpence in your shoe, mistletoe is yet another age-old good luck charm.  Kissing under the mistletoe is said to ward off evil spirits and ensure a long, happy life and marriage.  It evolved through the years from a pagan myth to a sign of truce in battle.  Fighting soldiers would put down their arms if they came upon a tree with mistletoe and would respect a peace agreement until morning.  Just like my grandmother told me when I was getting married, never go to bed fighting with your husband.  Now, morning is different! 🙂

If you are a fair maiden, place one of these evergreen sprigs under your pillow and dream of your Prince Charming. 

If you are getting married during the most wonderful time of year, throw some mistletoe in your bouquet, use mistletoe kissing balls at the reception, or pin some on your man.  I love this boutonniere below!

Regardless of why you kiss under the mistletoe, there is an etiquette to follow.  When a man kisses a woman under the mistletoe, he must remove one of the white berries from the evergreen plant.  When all the berries are gone, no more kissing.  You’ll have to get some more mistletoe to keep kissing or move somewhere else romantic!

Have a Happy Holiday Season and Share the Joy with Others!

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