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Whew! It has been quite a busy week here in the studio. We have been decorating the studio for the holidays and meeting all kinds of kind people visiting for Tis The Season! With all this hustle and bustle I didn’t get a chance to post a Friday DIY for you beautiful brides. So here it is, on Saturday, A Pretty Twist on the Drink Umbrella!

The directions recomend using the doilies from Papermash but why not think outside the box and us any plain white doilie and then use one of your wedding colors on the card stock used underneath. That pop of color could be so pretty. Don’t forget you can spritz white doilies with diluted food coloring or tea to help them coordinate with your colors.


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The always lovely Kerri of Kerried Away Couture sent us these photos of a beautiful wedding she did for one of our Wedding 101 brides, Victoria Foshee. The wedding took place in Mississippi and had a gorgeous vintage 1920’s vibe.

Kerried Away Couture, Vintage Wedding, 1020 Wedding, Wedding 101, Nashville Bride, SilverKerried Away Couture, Vintage Wedding, 1020 Wedding, Wedding 101, Nashville Bride, Silver

The dresses are gorgeous and are so on trend with that one shoulder style. I love that the fabric isn’t your standard bridesmaid satin or chiffon. The ruffel detail gives the dress a little touch of glamor. This style of dress could easily be cut off and hemmed after the wedding and be worn to other beautiful events as well! I have to take a moment and just say that the bouquet is just fabulous!

Give Kerried Away Couture a call for beautiful custom bridesmaid gowns like these!

Contact: Kerri Zelenik
Phone: 615.364.9003
Email: orders@kerriedawaycouture.com
Website: Kerried Away Couture

Photos by Followell Fotography.

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P.S. The Junior League’s ‘Tis the Season Marketplace will also be going on in The Factory.  So, do a little wedding planning and holiday shopping as well!

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This recent cold snap here in Tennessee has got me thinking about all of you beautiful winter brides and how you are going to keep warm. I thought I would do a round up of beautiful looks I came across. All of these designs are from Amanda Wakeley but many other lines carry beautiful coats, boleros and shrugs to keep you nice and warm on your big day! If you can’t find one you like, think about commissioning a piece from a local designer like Olia Zavozina. A custom designer can incorporate your dress style so that your coat, bolero, or shrug coordinates perfectly with your dress.

This Amanda Wakeley coat is perfect for a formal wedding and the length is sure to keep you warm. The thin design will keep you feeling light and airy on your big day!


This silk mikado coat is a show stopper with its full train and delicate front bow closure. With longer coats you can get two totally different bridal looks.

This cropped ivory mink jacket will keep you warm and stunning. The short length of the sleeves and bodice keeps your hands free and still allows the beautiful details of your dress to be seen. If you are not interested in real fur, consider faux fur. Many companies are making faux fur that is so realistic, no one would ever know the difference.

Hope this post helps to keep you winter brides nice and warm! Are you wearing a bolero or coat? If so we would love to see what you picked for your big day. Please leave a comment below!


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reception bar trends weddings 2016Image credit here.
George and Janis of Jan-Bo’s on the Rocks stopped by the studio last week so we took that opportunity to ask them about the different options for bar services. They were wonderful in answering our questions and we hope that you will find the information the provided useful.

Types of Bars for Wedding Receptions

There are basically three different types of bars you should consider when deciding on what you want at your reception.

  1. Open Bar
  2. Full Bar
  3. Cash Bar

Open bar means that you, the host, are responsible for the cost and guests can drink as much as they like of what you have decided to offer. This can be anything from a few select liquors and mixes, beer and wine, or even just the specialty drinks you have chosen to serve.

Full bar means it is a fully stocked bar. Guest order their drink of choice and can have as much as they like. You as the host are responsible for the cost.

Cash bar means that guests pay for their own drinks. This is an absolute etiquette no-no for a wedding. If a full or open bar is not in your budget, consider not having alcohol at all before you consider a cash bar.

How to Save Money on Wedding Reception Bars

If you are looking for ways to save on your bar, think about only serving beer and wine. If you purchase a keg and boxed wine your bartender can put the beer in glasses and the wine in a carafe to serve to your guests.

Wondering if you should have champagne for the toast? Typically the champagne toast is a waste of money. Only half of them will actually drink the champagne and the rest will go to waste. Your guests can toast you with whatever drink they have in their hand. Leave the champagne for you and your groom. You could also put it on the head table if you like.

Our last tip is that you always have an ABC licensed bartender to handle liability issues. You should not have to be worried about those during you wedding reception. You should be enjoying the party!

One more little suggestion… Don’t forget the ice! It is one of the most important parts of a bar but it is also the most forgotten. Remember lots and lots of ice!

Nashville wedding bartenders

For more information about Jan-Bo’s on the Rocks:

Contact: George or Janis Bobier
Email: janisgeorge@bellsouth.net
Website: Jan-Bo’s On the Rocks

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Mike Wootton Photography, Wedding 101

Image via Mike Wootton Photography. Click to see more.

We all want our nails to look nice for our wedding day. You never know if your photographer is going to think up an amazing shot that gets your hands close up and you wouldn’t want dry cuticles or chipped polish to ruin that shot. Most manicures last 5 to 7 days if you are really, really careful. That means that after the first few days of your honeymoon you are going to have to remove it. The chances are slim that you even remember to pack the polish remover. Lets face it, that last week before the wedding was crazy busy. Enter the new Creative Nail Design Shellac Manicure. This manicure is a polish that is applied and removed in a certified salon. The special formulation allows this polish to last for 14 days with no chips, smudges, or  cracks. This is a dream come true for brides. The best part is that there is no dry time. You read that right. No dry time. You can grab you keys and go just as soon as your manicure is complete. The cost is slightly higher than a regular manicure but for 14 days of wear I’d say it’s worth it!

You can check out a video review here or go to the CND website to see colors and find a salon!

I just had a regular manicure so as soon as this one wears off in a few days, I am going to schedule myself a Shellac Manicure!

We were not paid to promote this product. This post is purely for your information and education.

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It’s time for another vendor spotlight! Meet Silver Strings! They offer many different musician assortments so that you get the perfect sound for your march down the isle. Take a look at the many options they offer:

String Quartet: 2 violins, viola, and cello
String Trio: violin, viola, and cello
String Trio or Quartet w/ trumpet, harp or vocalist, Sandy Merrill
Jazz Trio: piano, bass and drums
Jazz Trio or Duo with vocalist, Sandy Merrill, or keyboard with Sandy Merrill
Blackwire Orchestra: string quartet w/ bass, drums and keyboard playing Classic Rock
Blackwire Quintet: string quartet w/ bass playing Classic Rock
Silver Strings Orchestra: 5 or more instruments playing your favorites

Whether you’ve dreamed of a string quartet or you want to spice it up with a jazz trio Silver Strings has you covered.

Linda sent me this fabulous demo video. Take a listen and see what you think!

Contact: Linda Davis
Phone: 615.293.9730
Email: linda@nashvillesilverstrings.com
Website: Silver Strings

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