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Winter wedding, blue, silver, gray, grey, Wedding 101, Winter WeddingAnother beautiful inspiration board by Jayna!

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A wonderfully sweet reader named Hailey requested we do an inspiration board for her upcoming wedding.  Here is what she had in mind:

My colors are charcoal gray and light blue because we are using hydrangeas. It will be by the lake so very casual, romantic, and vintage/country. We are wearing cowboy boots under my the dresses and so are the guys. We will also be using mason jars with tea lights in them hanging from the trees.
Here is Hailey’s inspiration board!

Wedding 101, Inspiration Board, Blue, Grey, Gray, Lake, Wedding cake, Shoes, Cowboy BootsInvite, Centerpiece, Cake, Shoes, Lake, Boutonniere, Wood Cake Toppers, Bouquet, Boots

Would you like to have us do an inspiration board for you? Send us your details using the submit button to the right and we will get one put together for you!

Congrats Hailey and Travis!

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Emma Hickey

You met Jayna a couple of days ago. Now we would like to introduce you to Emma! 

Hey! My name is Emma Hickey and I am an intern at Wedding 101 this fall. I’m a senior at MTSU and will be graduating in May with a degree with Organizational Communication. I am also a bride and will be tying the knot July 2, 2011!

Enjoy the second of many fun inspiration boards to be posted by our lovely and hardworking interns! So happy to have them both at Wedding 101!

This one is a real hot pink wow! 

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As promised here is this weeks Wed for Less post!

Bride: Dress $248.00, Earrings $12.90, Bracelets $10.50, Shoes $54.00

Bridesmaids: Dress $32.80, Earrings $8.84, Shoes $24.99

Groom/Groomsmen: Shirt $7.68, Vest $36.00, Pants $45.00, Shoes $31.99

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In honor of our Wed for Less post that focused on Etsy this week, I thought it would be fitting to incorporate a post about a huge trend right now, handcrafted statement necklaces. Statement necklaces are amazing, beautiful, and can transform a plain wedding dress into an gorgeous wedding ensemble. From day to evening styles, these necklaces can be incorporated in all kinds of looks. The great thing about these pieces is that well after your wedding day is gone you can throw on one of these with jeans and a tee and feel just as pretty as you did on your wedding day. Not to mention it will be a great reminder to you and your hubby of that wonderful day. There are so many to choose from all over the web but these are specifically from Etsy.

Statement Necklaces 1R to L: Silk Infusion Chains Necklace $69, La Paon Grande Sequined Necklace $35, Natural Cotton Flowers $38

Statement Necklaces 2Frayed Loved and Fearless Necklace $99, The Boyfriend Necklace $46, Buttercream Blossom $34

Statement Necklaces 3Romantic Wedding Bib Necklace $100, Peaches and Cream $42, Romantic Silver Screen Star $99

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Every bride starts somewhere.  For Marci, it was the shoes.

The Shoe that Launched a Wedding Design

 If ever there was a common language all the women in the world could speak, it would be “shoes.” As a former Dillard’s shoe sales associate, I have a healthy passion for heels. My fiance somewhat jokingly tells me I have more worth in my shoe collection than I do in my car—let’s be honest, my car has no A/C and it’s old as dirt. It’s probably true.

 BUT that means I, of all people, should have some fabulous wedding shoes! I wanted my something blue to be a riveting pair of blue, or near-blue, amazing and sexy shoes that would stand out something fierce against my white gown. These are the ones I fell head over heels for and became the starting point for the wedding’s whole color palette:

 They are simply…my favorite shoes ever. I obsessed over them—too them everywhere with me for awhile, stuffed unceremoniously in my purse. It was a heartbreaking day when I finally admitted to myself that there was no way I could walk down an aisle in the grass, dance the night away, and escape to my honeymoon in these without damaging my poor little feet. I’d end up kicking them off after the first dance and ruining my beautiful white gown.

 Pure. Heartbreak.

 And then a light bulb went off: get away shoes!! I found myself a new gorgeous dress to leave the party in and re-assigned these first shoes to be the beauties I’d wear to run away into the night with my new husband. WIN!

 And then the search started again for blue wedding shoes. Search after search turned up navy after navy shoe, and then I saw these pretty little things:


 Bright blue? Check. Cute little silver piece to match my dress. Check. Appropriate height for dancing and walking down an outdoor aisle. Check. Comfortable for dancing? Check! I started breathing easy again. Shoes down. Bring the rest of the planning on!

But when I got to thinking about what I ought to get my bridal party gals, it took me a long, long time to realize it ought to be… dun dun DUNN…shoes! Of course! How did I not see it before? I read about these fun silver numbers from DSW in Wedding 101’s Wed for Less post, and they are perfect.

 It seems like everyone but me knew I’d agonize over one of the most overlooked details of the wedding day for most people. In retrospect, it’s perfect for me that shoes would be that one thing I worked so hard to get right. And I couldn’t be happier with the choices!

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This weeks Wed for Less post was inspired by this lovely hot weather we have been having lately. It really makes me want to lounge the day away on a boat, at the beach, or really just near any large body of water. Enjoy! Water Inspired Wedding AtireBride:  Dress $188.00, Shoes $39.99, Bracelet $24.00

Bridesmaids: Dress $59.99, Shoes $39.99

Groom/Groomsmen: Suit $169.99, Tie $32.00, Shoes $47.99

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